Sunday is over, now

truth behaves to pure acts of kindness

drowning into the floor

fields are taken by storm

like drips underwater

nature shifts its clock forward

undeniable truth

resilience, boredom, silence


the essence of being is in the becoming

truth behaves to pure acts of kindness

the misconception of beauty

enchanted by beauty and tragedy

we are blind

staring at what lies behind us

in the present

in reality

we fear what is so far and distant from us

as we embrace poisoned and toxic misconceptions of life

without being sober

we wander drunk by unmotivated pain


this cold, deep, beautiful pain


aching on one leg

while the building is coming down

the feeling of loneliness is over pressuring the room

sorrow is under powering the brain

outside is quite cold

but not that much

this pain inside is the most beautiful way

to understand hoot be born again

against all odds

again all the worst circumstances

life will rejoice

in another way


released on April 1, 2024



Crown Shyness Part 2

Roberto Paci Dalò & Francesco Poggianti


a music dialogue between two artists:
Roberto Paci Dalò and Francesco Poggianti

Crown Shyness is a natural phenomenon observed in some tree species, in which the crowns of fully stocked trees don’t touch each other, forming a web of lightning-like gaps.
In musical terms, Crown Shyness can be seen as a performance where two artists create a new sound aesthetic respecting each other’s space and freedom.

The performance was recorded seven years ago in Siena for the FieldSquare project, in collaboration with the FuoriCampo Art Gallery.
The idea by Francesco Poggianti and Maso Ricci consisted in a sound reflection on the place, a meeting between different music sensibilities, within the close space of the art gallery.

released February 18, 2022



what’s your wish for tomorrow?
what’s your expectation for the future?

This music has been composed and produced with a vertical piano, a tenor flute and a laptop.
Domani (Tomorrow in italian language) represents a lucid and at the same time dreamlike vision of the “next day”, that desire for rebirth and renewed lightness that is felt when in difficult moments we manage to abandon ourselves, even if only for a few moments, to a deep and sincere hope.

released June 27, 2020


absens / absence


An inner journey through detachment from the world of appearance observing the essence of what surrounds us

released December 20, 2018


notchsider eP2